Creating My First Video… And The Quick Start Challenge

The Quick Start Challenge

the quick start challenge


You know, there are millions of videos on YouTube created by the professionals as well as the amateurs… Many of the amateurs create theirs for fun and entertainment where professionals would create them to drive traffic to their products or services.

This was the first video I ever created of myself, so it can go down in history even I am new to all this… Nothing professional here!


Just know besides article marketing, there is video marketing which today it seems is the best way to get tons of low, to no cost traffic to any product or service you are looking to promote…

Some of the things I’ve learned about video marketing are to keep your videos short and simple… Also, stick to the main points and key benefits that are the most relevant to your product or service… Finally, be sure to direct your viewer to your website or a direct link.

Keep in mind you really need to take advantage of this marketing opportunity if you plan to get anywhere with your online business.

– Steve

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