Unlock the Power of Taking Action Now!

No matter what goals you have in your internet matrketing business, taking action is essential to unlocking the power of success.

If you’ve been having trouble taking action and reaching your desired outcomes, here’s just a couple of steps you can take to help get motivated and reach your goals.

The first step is to start small. Tackle one goal at a time, instead of trying to do too much all at once.

When setting out on a goal or project, break it down into smaller tasks that are more manageable and less daunting.

You’ll begin to see progress as each smaller task is completed and this will keep you motivated and on track for achieving your larger goal.

Secondly, set yourself up for success by planning ahead.

Establish a timeline with specific dates when certain tasks need to be completed so that everything stays on track and deadlines are met.

Taking Action Now!

how to take actionThere is a quote in Christopher MacDougall’s book, Born To Run… “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

This meaningful quote applies to internet marketing too. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner marketers make is that they never act. They never start ‘running.’

In this article, we’ll look at steps you can take on taking action and meeting your online marketing goals.

The info here is very important and following the steps below is a grim necessity to building a successful online business. It may not be all fun and games… but it’s what you need to do.

Benefits of Taking Action

The power of taking action is often underestimated.

We frequently spend our days thinking about what we want to do or where we want to start – but without taking the necessary steps, nothing actually happens.

Taking action on your goals has a number of benefits that should not be overlooked.

By taking action, you are showing yourself and those around you that you have the determination and drive to make your dreams come true.

By making small changes day by day, you begin to manifest your desires into reality and build momentum for a successful online business.

When it comes to achieving greatness, it’s essential that you take the time to stop thinking about what your going to do, and start doing.

Prioritize your activities

steps to take actionYou absolutely need to do what matters when it matters.

You need to focus on completing your income generating activities for the day first. Initially, you may choose to just set 3 tasks for yourself daily.

If you do video marketing, that may mean creating a few videos.

If you’re a blogger, you may need to write a pillar article for your blog.

If you do paid ads, it might be the dull task of analyzing the statistics.

Whatever the case may be, these are the income generating activities that you absolutely must get done early in the day.

A general rule of thumb is that if you’re doing other tasks to avoid a particular task, that’s exactly the task you need to do first.

You can check your emails or your social media later. First things first. You must take a single task and see it to completion.

Have a schedule

You may be amazed at how fast your list of tasks gets out of hand. Sometimes it’s best to have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Some tasks like clearing support emails may need to be done daily.

Other tasks like scheduling Facebook posts for the entire week can be done weekly.

Monthly tasks could be things like backing up your site or cleaning up your autoresponder list, etc.

What’s important is that you have a schedule.

Break Down Big Tasks

It’s possible to break down big tasks into manageable pieces that will help you move forward with your daily or weekly activites.

Breaking down big objectives into manageable chunks and taking consistent small steps towards your goal is definetly the first step towards taking action.

By implementing these tactics, you will be able to get started on achieving your desired outcome faster than ever before!

Overcome your inertia

overcoming inertiaIt’s very common to see beginner marketers say what they want to do. They are so busy plotting and planning their business, that they never actually take any action.

They ask a hundred questions but don’t implement a single answer that they get. They make accountability posts on Facebook but never follow through.

Often, it’s those people who are silent and don’t say much who end up implementing their plans and meeting their goals.

The point to note is this – get started.

You will learn more by doing than by talking about doing.

Many beginners keep learning… but never actually put into practice what they’ve learned. All they have is theoretical knowledge but no experience.

You will not make an income online if you never act.

As you take action, you may come across things that you do not know. Now you can learn what you need to and then fix what you don’t know.

Learn as you do. Once you get started, do not stop.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. It’s very difficult to get started all over again if you quit or take a break for too long.

Keep the momentum going and you’ll not have inertia to overcome.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, from social media notifications to the many tasks battle for our attention each day. 

By eliminating distractions and overcoming inertia, we can take action towards achieving our goals.

Through thoughtful planning and strategic time management, we can create an environment that helps us focus on taking action instead of getting stuck in inaction.

We must also be mindful of how much energy we’re expending on activities which don’t help us reach our goals – this will give us more opportunity to make progress on the things that matter most.

Measuring Progress & Results

how to take action on ideasTaking action is essential in order to make progress towards achieving success, but it can be challenging to know where to start.

The key to measuring progress is understanding which steps need to be taken in order for a goal to be achieved.

Once the process has been broken down into manageable pieces, you can then focus on making consistent forward motion towards completing each step.

This will help keep up momentum in your journey and ensure that no time is wasted along the way.


Multitasking seems to be the in-thing these days. But, when it comes to your online business, multitasking is not recommended.

Do not try to answer emails for a few minutes, while you write a blog post and answer comments on social media at the same time.

Multitasking prevents you from focusing on your task at hand.

In the end, all tasks are done haphazardly, and you get nowhere.

You need to starve the distractions and feed your focus.

Work when you work… and when you rest, you rest.

Like Stephen R Covey said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Work in short time blocks and give your work your undivided attention.

A lack of concentration will lead to failure. So, be focused and productive.

Apply these 4 tips mindfully and always assess your progress.

Plan your goals and do what it takes to meet them. Act and you will succeed.

You are what you do, and not what you say you will do. Period.

Conclusion: Reap the Rewards

the key to taking actionTaking action can unlock potential that has been lying dormant inside of you and reap rewards in ways you never thought possible.

The key is to start small and focus on taking only one step at a time towards your end game.

Realize motivation is not enough.

Break down the tasks into manageable steps and make sure each step takes no longer than it needs to.

When you break it down like this, suddenly taking action doesn’t seem so daunting anymore!

You’ll also be surprised at how quickly those minutes add up when taken one day at a time.

By staying consistent with your actions, soon enough you’ll see positive results begin to manifest in all areas of your business and your life.

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