Say Goodbye to Shiny Objects and Shady Marketers

how to overcome shiny object syndromeDo you make it a habit of searching for internet riches and make money online secrets?

How about a vicious cycle of buying online courses and make money online products?

Maybe you even lost everything after following what you thought was a certain technique to finally make money online. later discovering it doesn’t even work.

If you replied yes to any of these questions, you may have “shiny object syndrome” or have been scammed by a shady marketer.

In this post I want to discuss “how to overcome shiny object syndrome” and how shady marketers make it a business of taking advantage of you with those shiny objects.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)?

Believe it or not, shiny object syndrome is more common than you might think. and It’s something that can have a huge impact on those who succumb to it’s tendancies.

But what exactly is shiny object syndrome, and how does it influence the mindset?

Shiny object syndrome is the act of acting on impulse, or basically seeking to get instant gratification.

Do you have shiny object syndrome?

Naturally gregarious and visually oriented, we humans are often captivated by and interested in new things.

So, when we see something that promises instant gratification, our emotional response will cause us to act quickly to pursue the benefit.

Online products or “shiny objects” can play on our emotions, making us miss warning signs or deception.

Instant satisfaction could make us emotionally buy into a concept without fully understanding it.

Due to our impatience, we waste time and money on pointless products, courses, and services that we assume will satisfy an underlying need.

Impulsive actions typically only make us feel good for a short time before we look for the next big thing.

As a result, many spend much of their lives repeating the same routines. Yet, they fail to understand why their circumstances never get any better.

Shiny object syndrome symptoms

Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) can often be compared to the definition of insanity.  Basically doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.

Shiny object syndrome’s symptoms include being unable to focus for more than a few minutes, starting and ending projects without finishing them, and always looking for the latest and greatest thing without any real strategy in place.

Even though they feel overwhelmed, people with this condition may multitask too much.

What Causes Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny object syndrome (SOS) causes may include financial pressures, busy schedules, low self esteem, or just the fear of missing out. All these can contribute to a tendency to jump from one project to the other without completing any one thing.

Those affected by shiny object syndrome tend to think more about the potential of the idea, than its feasibility or return on investment.

Shiny object syndrome psychology

While SOS may not be a clinical diagnosis, it is a term used to describe how we as humans tend to get easily distracted or sidetracked by something new in the pursuit of the next big thing.

It’s a common problem faced by many people, especially entrepreneurs.

It means being easily distracted by something more exciting instead of focusing on what’s most important.

Be Aware Of Shady Marketers

Shiny object syndrome is often the first obstacle. You may not notice common traits on products or services you want to buy.

After understanding these commonalities, you’ll notice a pattern in how different marketers sell products and services.

Many shady marketers will use sneaky ways to get you to buy, but once you learn more about them, you’ll be able to say “no” to yourself when it comes to buying.

There’s no better place to see these similarities than with make-money-online products, especially those that are sold on the Warrior Plus platform.

If you take notice, a lot of the written copy, testimonials, and sales proof images are all used as manipulation tactics to trigger your emotional response.

These triggers are essentially just telling people what they want to hear by feeding into their individual pain points.

The majority of them are selling you a dream of instant gratification.

You will feel good for the moment before realizing the product you bought doesn’t work, or is a complete waste of money with no real support around to help you.

Warning signs of a shady marketer

Sometimes the vendors selling these products will go out of their way to mock and accuse you of being to blame for the products’ failure to work. Telling you you’re not taking enough action is one example.

They do this to make you feel guilty because they know the people buying their products are already in a highly vulnerable state.

Still, they really don’t care about your wants, needs, or interests. They are just taking your money and laughing directly at you.

If you try to look for reviews on social media or YouTube, you will usually find a plethora of reviews of these products, and 95 percent of them are always positive, telling you how great these products are.

In reality, the people promoting most of them have no idea what the product is, or they’re just as shady as the vendors who create them, as all they want is to make money while providing no real value.

So if you actually find an honest review, like the one I did here, you’ll see what they are saying, and compare it to all those other reviews that are misleading you.

These video reviews are usually easy to spot when their main selling point is all about their bonuses, and they show no real knowledge about the product or program they are trying to sell you on.

It won’t be long until you start to see a common trend, and if you follow these guidelines while also looking at the sales pages, testimonials, and sales copy, you’ll start to notice these products for what they really are… useless and misleading!

Sales page scams & fake testimonials

Leading on from the previous section with commonalities to look out for, focus on the sales page, the written copy, and the testimonials.

Shiny object syndrome can lead buyers to fall for hypey sales copy.

Most shady salespages use persuasive techniques to convince customers to buy without fully understanding the product.

Many sales page scams use blind copy to only emphasize the phoney lifestyle you can expect without fully describing the product benefits.

“In order to avoid a bad situation, it is essential to do your research before making any purchase.”

“Make sure to read reviews from other buyers and get as much information as possible about the product beforehand.” 

A lot of these sales pages will also promise similar traits that you will begin to notice, such as:

  • One-click button software that will make money in minutes
  • 3 step-systems that guarantee riches
  • Free instant traffic to offers or services
  • One-click website builders with free hosting
  • Guaranteed earnings and sales of $100’s or $1000’s per day

Some of these products and services work to some degree, like website builders, where you can create a basic website quickly. But the main problem is that they are hosted on unsecure servers and site domains.

They also extremely limited in terms of customization options. You cannot code or add in any plugins or upgrades to build the site how you want.

Most of these types of products are shut down within a few months, and the sellers use the domains and servers to rebrand or sell a new product.

If you’re not careful, you might practically lose everything overnight. Be aware that there are better and more reliable options available online.

There are a lot of ways to check if something is fake or not on the internet, so use your best judgment.

Sales page warning signs

When evaluating any sales page, it’s essential to see if the overall design looks professional. Try to notice any flaws or spelling errors.

Shady marketers and those with low-quality products often have a really poor design on their sales pages, so this can be a big red flag.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not the sales page has a clear call to action.

  • What do they want you to do?
  • Buy their product?
  • Sign up for their email list?

It should be obvious what the next step is. If it’s not, that’s another warning sign.

Finally, take a look at the written copy on the page.

  • Is it well-written?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it seem like it was written by someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language?

Again, this isn’t a surefire way to tell if something is a scam, but it is something to keep in mind.

Shiny object seekers are prone to believing phony testimonials because sales copy is designed to evoke an emotional response to the reader.

The majority of testimonials that are false, and shady marketers will reuse the same information for each new product they create.

They frequently make the mistake of pasting the same false claims onto the sales pages without ever checking them.

All you need to do is look at most sales pages from products being sold on platforms like Warrior Plus, and you will start to see the same trends happening… like the 3-step system sales pages.

These individuals are primarily lazy but also know exactly who their target audiences are. And many are absolute beginners and have no concept of what is right or wrong.

They know that shiny object seekers don’t even read most of the sales copy. They don’t look at any of the testimonials, as they just buy on impulse rather than using common sense.

Product & sales history

In addition to exaggerated sales copy and phony testimonials, there are other areas to examine to understand the background and quality of a product.

Look for demo articles or videos on the sales pages to learn how the product works.

Look for information around:

  • The products sales history
  • The background of the vendor
  • Written articles or reviews on blogs or social media
  • Video reviews or tutorials on YouTube

If you can find relevant information regarding a product’s background and status. This will help you determine if a product is worth purchasing, or whether you should avoid it at all costs.

It’ll also help you get a real feel for whether the product is something you could see yourself using regularly.

If it seems too complicated or you think it would take up too much of your time, then it might not be the right fit for you.

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Social proof is very important, so make sure that what you’re looking at is genuine.

If you’re ever unsure about whether or not something is legitimate, your best bet is just to do some more research.

There are a lot of resources out there, so you should be able to find everything you need to make an informed decision.

Checking out sites like Trustpilot, Scamadviser, and Whois can help you get more information about a website, and forums like Reddit are always a good place to ask for advice.

Vendor background

With all the research and checks you should conduct, one point is clear and must not be ignored: The vendor’s history.

The main reason why this is so important is that you want to see how reliable the vendor is in terms of their previous products, sales history, and general support.

You need to figure out if they are either shady or trustworthy.

Because if you can understand the background history of these vendors, it will help you make better purchasing decisions if you are serious about buying products from digital market places like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank, etc.

If you spend any amount of time on the sales pages of products sold on Warriors Plus, you will see many of the same identical trends taking place.

It is generally the same trash being recycled over and over again, as the vendors know how to feed into people’s impulsive nature of wanting quick cash and instant riches. They just tell you what you want to hear.

Vendor background examples

This top Warrior Plus vendor gives you his market view. Marketers must sacrifice their ethics to sell to shiny object seekers. and how hyped salespages convert best.

Here is another top Warrior Plus vendor who explains to his students how to create the perfect product. As his target market is those with “shiny object syndrome”. and the goal is to keep supplying these people with brand new shiny objects. He also goes into detail of how these products need to be made.

Why are the words not matching with his lips?

Carsten Explains… I recorded his voice and then found a cheezy video of Jono, so you have something cringy to look at. The voice of Jono is from his high ticket course Ministry of Freedom where Jono shows you how to become a criminal.

These are just a few of examples.

Vendor background checks

One of the best ways to look at a vendor’s background, trends, and history is to look at product launch sites such as Muncheye.

When you start to see similar patterns, like monthly product launches, and notice certain vendors names tied to all these products, then you need to start asking yourself some serious questions.

Especially if these new products are being released by the same vendor month after month:

  • What is the quality of the product going to be like?
  • How are they able to continuously keep spinning out new products so quickly?
  • What is the goal behind these methods?
  • Will these products actually work?

Sadly, the quick turnaround of these products is for one simple goal: to make fast cash and sales from you, the beginner who has no clue what to look for or even where to start.

Their intention is most likely to make a quick buck and run.

There is virtually no guidance, refunds, or support given, which also leads to the next point: you should check out the vendor’s social circles and groups on Facebook and other platforms.

Vendor trends

You will quickly see a trend in these groups, as either the people in the group are just as shady as the vendors themselves, or you have people constantly complaining that the product they purchased simply doesn’t work.

However, if a vendor is aggressively producing and selling a new product every single month or two weeks, the chances are very high that it will be utter garbage.

For a product or service to be great, it has to be tested and developed to a high standard.

But if vendors are constantly churning out product after product, they most likely are not good.

“It is up to you to take your time and do your research, as it will save you a lot of money overall.”

How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

To be successful, you need to have a clear vision for the future and know what steps need to be taken to achieve it.

You also need to be patient and not chase after every new opportunity that comes along.

Stay focused and avoid distractions.

Recognize that by thinking long-term and being strategic, a person can master how to overcome shiny object syndrome and set themselves up for success.

How to Change Your Mindset

shiny object syndrome psychologyMany struggle to overcome “shiny object syndrome.”

Most never overcome the destructive habit that can cost them litterally everything.

Self-control skills and clear goal-setting can help overcome shiny object syndrome.

But having a life purpose with a clear goal is the best approach to overcome this addiction.

8 Tips to overcome shiny object syndrome

There are a few key components on how to overcome shiny object syndrome and be successful:

  1. Understand Your Objectives. What do you want to achieve in the long run? What kind of life do you want to live? Once you know your goals, you can start planning to achieve them.
  2. Make a plan of action. Once you have your goals in mind, figure out what steps you need to take to achieve them. This will help keep you on track and motivated.
  3. Stay Positive. Believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals. Visualize yourself succeeding and feel good about your progress, no matter how small it may be.
  4. Be Persistent. Don’t let setbacks discourage you from achieving your goals. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. It is essential to have persistence in order to make progress.
  5. Be More Accountable. Start taking responsibility for your actions and decisions, as well as being more dependable. Learn to take ownership of your outcomes.
  6. Don’t Abandon What’s Working. The idea of changing something for the sake of change is not always an effective strategy. Stop trying to fix what ain’t broke.
  7. Say “No” More Often. The reality is that saying no more often can help us reclaim our time and energy and focus on important tasks. Saying yes can be a way of spreading yourself too thin.
  8. Get Support. Talk to friends, family, or a professional about your goals and what you’re doing to reach them. Having someone to talk to can help you stay on track and motivated.

Thinking long-term will help you plan for the future and make better decisions.

4 Steps to overcome shiny object syndrome

Some of the best steps to take if you’re serious about overcoming “shiny object syndrome” are:

Don’t believe the hype

It’s very common to come across products that claim to allow you to make $2,536.75 in 6 minutes without any work on your part.

Almost all these products are absolute rubbish that are designed to get you to part with your money.

The statistics that are displayed on these swanky sales pages are questionable at best, and absolute lies at worst. NEVER ever believe the hype.

Most shiny object seekers tend to be more trusting and believe what they see online.

This is the biggest mistake that you could make. Shady marketers have no qualms lying to get your money.

The internet has tons of these liars running loose. You must be smarter than them. Ignore the hype.

Choose a proven online business model and stick to it.

It will take you a few months to get the ball rolling and there will be quite a bit of work to do. But that’s what a real business demands.

Get off their lists

If you buy a crappy product, shady marketers will send you multiple emails daily trying to sell you more… The emails will never end.

In some cases, even if you unsubscribe, they will resubscribe you. These people are desperate… And many purchase and share lists.

Unsubscribe from marketers who email you constantly. If their emails keep coming, mark them as spam.

Avoid buying their “recommendations”. Save your money for your business and use the funds wisely.

You only make money when you sell

This is a simple concept that escapes most people.

If you’re not selling online, you will not make money… You either sell products or your services.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll still be helping to sell other people’s products… Realize this principle never changes.

Sell more, buy less. Be a producer and not a consumer. That’s how you make money online.

Buy what you use and use what you buy

Use what you buy. If you buy a wordpress plugin, use it. If you buy a marketing course, learn and apply it.

Don’t buy products for ‘future’ use just because they’re on a special now.

Very often, the products will be forgotten, and you’d have moved on to something new.

These purchases will become little white elephants that are destined to roam around the virtual grasslands in your hard drive… Spend your money wisely.

Realize shiny object syndrome is just a distraction

what causes shiny object syndromeRealize that shiny object syndrome provides only a short-term solution, not a long-term fix.

The high it gives you will only last for a short while before it wears off, leaving you feeling deflated and eventually looking for the next big item to buy so you can feel that high again.

How to overcome shiny object syndrome?

If you want to succeed, you need to focus on your goals and not get sidetracked by shiny objects.

This means having a clear vision for the future and knowing what steps you need to take to achieve it. It also means being patient and not chasing after every new opportunity that comes along.

Successful people and businesses think long-term because they know that long-term losses can often outweigh short-term gains.

Achieving your goals takes time, effort, and dedication. But it’s worth it when you see the results of all your hard work.

Stay positive and keep at it, and you’ll be sure to reach your goals in no time.


Hopefully by now, you can fully understand the devastating effects of constantly buying shiny objects and how it can affect your life.

You can waste a lot time and money on products and services that you just don’t need.

If you are part of a coaching group, ask for help and guidance to see if anyone can provide any insights behind a product before making that purchasing decision.

It’s all about staying vigilant and being aware of these issues and spending habits.

Before long, you will figure out how to overcome shiny object syndrome and be able to distinguish between the good and bad products that are being sold online.

You will then be able to determine whether a product is worth your time and investment.

Have a goal to focus on and a path to follow. This will help you avoid the need and desire to purchase useless shiny objects in the future.

If you can change your mindset around how you view shiny objects and shady marketers, you will change your life. 🙂

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